Light Painting Workshop

Night Photog, Brent Pearson will be conducting a Night Photography Workshop in Australia!

Blue Silouette

I am please to announce a photography workshop for the nocturnal photographers. This workshop is going to cover 3 different night photography genres.

1. Straight night photography
2. Landscape light painting (painting with lights that are not visible in the shot)
3. Creative light painting (using a range of lights visible to the camera to create light painting effects)

The first workshop is going to be held on Saturday 28th Nov and Sunday 29th Nov in Mosman. The workshop will be limited to 15 participants (Only 5 spots left).

I had the opportunity to shoot with Brent in Moab, UT this past summer, and he’s very dedicated to his craft. He has a lot to offer to those interested in light painting, and night photography. You can purchase his E-Book on Light Painting and Night Photo HERE.

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