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Capitol Reef 12

I’ve been contemplating what might be useful for you as a night photographer. I’ve had a few questions about noise when shooting at night or low-light situations. I want to have an episode where we talk exclusively about that. I just spent the past weekend at Capitol Reef shooting at various ISO settings to see what my camera can handle. If any of you would like to contribute to such topic, please feel free.

I’ve also had questions about gear. What do light painters use, or any night photographer. I think I will leave that question to all of you. So… Show us your gear!

Camera settings for a particular scene or type of photography is another question I get. I will cover different settings as each episode unfolds, but if you want specifics be sure to contact me on Twitter. There are many areas I feel like I have the knowledge to share, but not everything. I may pass you along someone that knows much more than I do. I have decided to write an introduction to night photography guide for those who are new to this. For some of you it might be a little basic, but others need it.

So what would you like to hear/see or who would you like to hear/see?

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