And we’re back!

I’m sure you started to worry that The Night Writerz had already started to podfade into the abyss… well I’ve had a slew of challenges! I am working hard to get the latest episode together. I had some major technical issues at the studio I have been recording in. I tried to interview Joe Reifer (@JoeReifer) a few weeks ago and the computer/skype kept crashing. I had to buy some new gear (Audio Technica USB2020), new software (WireTap Pro) and I will be recording from home now so I don’t have to travel 30 miles or work on the studio’s schedule/photographers matching schedule. Now I am more flexible and things should pick back up in the next couple of weeks. I have two interviews pending for this week.

I need to update everyone on my trip to Moab with Brent Pearson an avid Night Photog from Australia. I also met up with Chris Conrad again for a couple of night shoots. Look for that post in the next couple of days! Good Night – Chad

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