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This blog is for the photographer who pulls out the camera when the sun is set. The value of time expands. Sodium vapor and mixed color temperature are sought after. Sometimes you work behind the camera, sometimes in front. The world is your canvas and you are the painter, the writer, the craftsman. Many of your tools vary from flashlights, lasers, spots, and gels. Other of you prefer existing sources such as street lamps, car lights, and claire de lune the light of the moon.

This is the peoples group, it’s open for showcase, your voice, and your ideas. You can follow on Twitter, to contact and communicate with me about thoughts and ideas. I’ve created a Facebook Group in order to plan events and find other photogs in anyone’s local area. Call 1-888-763-4671 and leave a recorded message, that I can use on the podcast. I reserve the right to use any recording… or to not.

For those of you that are new, don’t hesitate to get in the mix. I want a platform, a gathering place where anyone can explore different techniques, and practice through assignments and contests. This group is for everything related to night photography, and it’s techniques. If you are using night techniques in the day… ND Filters or whatever… feel free to share those shots as well.

Perhaps you have something useful to contribute to this blog… write me a proposal and send it to me, I’m open for ideas.

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