007: Joe Reifer – @joereifer

I had the great opportunity to connect with night photog Joe Reifer. His work caught my eye with a very somber feeling. He seems to capture images that I might pass over, but I would choose first for a frame in a feature film. His aesthetic choices balance light and dark, warm and cool, better than most traditional artists. Enjoy his work and his words! Some Photographers mentioned in the episode — Steve HarperThe Nocturnes (Tim Baskerville) — Tom PaivaLance KeimigStephen Walsh

Joe’s images:
1 — light painted with a flashlight from 2 different positions.
2 — light painted with a flashlight from 2 different positions.
3 — exposed for cloud streaks. a person stood in the image wearing a sheet for part of the exposure time to create the ghost (with flashlight painting on the sheet).
4 — interior shot lit by turning on the lighting in the room, and using flashlight for subtle foreground fill.
5 — film shot with no light painting.
6 — digital shot with no light painting.

ps The show is growing by leaps and bounds! I just checked and we have 19,001 subscribers! Spread the word. Also, I’m working on a new website to help feature all of the resources and photos from the flickr pool.

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